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Sainz emerges as leading contender for open Ferrari seat

  • Published on 13 May 2020 09:28
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  • By: Fergal Walsh

Carlos Sainz is set to be the driver that will replace Sebastian Vettel at Ferrari in 2021, according to reports from Italy.

The Spanish driver joined McLaren in 2019 and enjoyed a successful season with the Woking-based team, securing his first podium finish on his way to sixth place in the drivers' championship.

On Tuesday, Ferrari announced that it would not be continuing its journey with Sebastian Vettel, who will leave the team at the end of the year.

MOREBinotto: No specific reason led to Vettel's Ferrari departure

Sainz and Renault's Daniel Ricciardo were shortlisted as the two frontrunners, however it is believed that it will be Sainz who gets the seat alongside Charles Leclerc.

Some reports also indicate that Ricciardo will depart Renault and take the vacant seat at McLaren, partnering Lando Norris.

Should this transpire, it will leave Vettel's place on the 2021 grid in further doubt, as some indicated that he could transfer to McLaren after leaving Ferrari.

The Sainz-to-Ferrari announcement could come within days, as Italian reports say that only minor matters are delaying the official confirmation.

It would mark the fourth team that Sainz has raced for since joining the F1 grid in 2015 with Toro Rosso. Towards the end of the 2017 season, he joined Renault, where he remained until the conclusion of the 2019 season.

Max Verstappen, who has raced alongside both Sainz and Ricciardo, indicated that he expects Sainz to get the Ferrari drive.

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  • He is good, don't get me wrong, but I just don't think he is title winning stuff. Furthermore, he is nowhere near as marketable as Ricciardo, and lack the steep pockets of Perez. But it'd leave Ric free to return to RBH if Vettel doesn't go there.

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    • May 13 2020 - 12:13
    • Maybe that's the point. Leclerc is very clearly the future of Ferrari. But, I wouldn't bash Sainz just yet. Need to give him a chance first

      • + 0
      • May 13 2020 - 12:24
    • I think Sainz would do fine speed-wise. But Ferrari would probably sink his career, just like every other Ferrari driver in the last 10 years (except maybe Alonso). Sainz would be expected to be somewhat of a #2 driver. Yet, he would be under pressure to win from everyone else outside Ferrari because well... he's at Ferrari.

      Conversely, he seems very content at Mclaren. He's very well compensated for a driver who on paper has accomplished so little. Mclaren seem to be all-in on him to. He gets along very well with Lando. Mclaren seems to be on the rise as well. The Mercedes engines will only make things better, I reckon.

      • + 1
      • May 13 2020 - 18:11
    • Having Sainz in the team is very beneficial to Ferrari. But, whats in it for Sainz? If its a $10 Mil package, McLaren would be glad to match it. If Ferrari has to up the ante, it has to be 20-25 Mil, at which point, Perez, and even may be an eager Alonso might step in. Carrer wise, Ferrari has never been a bright spot for a up and coming star. If Sainz don't match Leclerc, and comes less then 90 percentile, he would be out of seat in 3 seasons. At that point, his worth in the market might be as much as Massa had in 2013. I don't see it being very much beneficial to Sainz, unless he plans to invest those 60-75 Mil in a S&p 500 and retire for good.

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      • May 13 2020 - 20:14
  • Kean

    Posts: 692

    I don't think Ferrari is looking for the best driver available, if they did they'd sign Alonso or Ricciardo. They're looking for the best 2nd driver available and they are in my opinion Sainz Jr., Perez and Hülkenberg. Anyone of them will do the job. Question is who is willing to enter a team as a 2nd driver? Sainz is no stranger to being teammates with an up and coming star, I think he's up for the challenge and doesn't care who his teammate is. Also is anyone really gonna pass up an opportunity at Ferrari, Hamilton and Verstappen perhaps but hardly anyone else.

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    • May 13 2020 - 18:41
  • siggy74

    Posts: 194

    Who ever signs = No.2 driver..

    And no rocking that boat...

    Maybe the Tea Boy,lol

    • + 0
    • May 14 2020 - 00:31

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