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Ricciardo answers critics with 4th at Monza

  • Published on 08 Sep 2019 23:00
  • comments 7
  • By: Richard Fletcher

Daniel Ricciardo has had his best result of the season after finishing in fourth place at the Italian Grand Prix in Monza. The Australian had started in fifth and managed to finish in front of his Renault teammate who finished in fifth.

Ricciardo gave credit to the French team's engine department after a race where he and Nico Hulkenberg lead the midfield to the teams best result since 2008.

"I felt this one was overdue because since Canada we haven't had a strong team result, we finally got maximum points, if you know what I mean, that is really pleasing.

"I want to give an extra special shout out to Viry, to the engine boys because this sort of result here as a Renault team and power unit is quite a statement. 

"For them to turn it around this year to make the gains and to put on this result here is special. So this one is for them. They deserve a glass of champagne tonight."

Renault is currently fifth in the constructor's championship and are 18 points behind their closest competitor, McLaren who are using the same power unit. 

Ricciardo answered the question of whether the team could match the results at the high downforce circuit of Singapore after doing so well at the low downforce high speed of Monza.

"I really wish we can and hope we can, high downforce in Singapore on a bumpy street circuit. Even though this is unique, it is Monza, you take all the wing off. I definitely feel there is something we can still learn from this." 

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  • See that is why Ric is a good driver to have on board. Pretty fast without being reckless, very marketable and also a good team player.

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    • Sep 9 2019 - 06:13
    • He is definitely still top tier. I'm still amazed by how far ahead of Nico he has been in his first year. Godo for Daniel, but terrible for Nico who was highly rated. I guess we not get to see how big the gap is between a top 3 driver and a solid midfield driver. I would also add that we saw that as well between Lewis and Bottas today.

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      • Sep 9 2019 - 06:18
    • Indeed, but I disagree on him being far ahead of Hulk. In fact, Hulk has been ahead many times, only bad luck has stricken him. But I share your curiousity on whether we tend to overestimate the midfielders a little.

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      • Sep 9 2019 - 07:05
    • HEINZ

      Posts: 61

      I dont think Ric has been superior to Hulk either. In fact they are pretty evenly matched. Hulk was in a disadvantage given he could not pit under the safety car as Ric did and was cathing him after the pit stops.

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      • Sep 9 2019 - 11:55
    • abhidbgt

      Posts: 283

      Bottas go do it man! He is a very clean driver and for this reason he is often at a disadvantage. That said he often just takes a back seat in the race after the initial push.

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      • Sep 9 2019 - 15:39
  • Great drive by RIC. But, a 4th is no answer to the critics, for Hulk also has plenty of 4th places. Get onto the podium in an under-performing Renault as Grosjean did, and call it an achievement.

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    • Sep 9 2019 - 16:06
    • More do need to be done. But I think the fact that, while he isn't dominating the way some think, he is edging Hulk, I feel he is answering critics somewhat. I feel the podium has been more distant for other teams these last years. Trace back when Gro, or Williams or Force India could take poles. Thats sadly a few seasons ago, if I remember correctly. And no, this year's Germany still kinda don't count.

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      • Sep 9 2019 - 20:15

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