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70th Anniversary GP: Verstappen denies Hamilton of victory at Silverstone

  • Published on 09 Aug 2020 15:37
  • comments 13
  • By: Coilin Higgins

It was Red Bull and Max Verstappen that denied Lewis Hamilton the victory during this afternoon's 70th Anniversary Grand Prix at Silverstone, Valtteri Bottas would come home in third.

As the lights went out, pole-sitter Bottas held the lead from Hamilton, as Verstappen jumped Hulkenberg for this. Hamilton and Bottas immediately went to work duelling for the lead, as a spin for Sebastian Vettel left him in last.

Alexander Albon fell behind the McLaren of Lando Norris, whilst Lance Stroll got around Daniel Ricciardo for fifth position.

Replays showed Vettel's spin, the German losing it by himself after getting on to the inside kerb and almost taking out Carlos Sainz in the process.

Six laps in and Mercedes were already worried of a repeat of last weekend, warning Bottas of his front left tyre being 'critical', as Albon took an early pitstop for hard tyres at the end of the lap.

Bottas pitted on lap 13, as Verstappen closed in behind new race leader Hamilton, who was also struggling with his tyres. Hamilton pitted on the following lap, giving Verstappen the lead on the harder compound.

Further down, Albon put a daring move on Kimi Raikkonen for fifteenth around the outside of Copse, just barely getting past the Finn, as Vettel was slowly working his way up the field, sitting in eleventh. Hulkenberg also visited the pits, rejoining in seventh.

Leclerc complained of engine cutting coming through turn 1, while Kevin Magnussen and Nicolas Latifi almost came to blows as the pair came through Stowe wheel-to-wheel.

Both Bottas and Hamilton suffered with blisters despite only making a pitstop, with Verstappen going faster in the lead on older tyres than both Mercedes on a fresh set of hards. AlphaTauri's Pierre Gasly was also suffering with his rear left tyre, despite only doing a handful of laps on the new set.

Fourth and fifth went to Charles Leclerc and Albon, as Lance Stroll and Hulkenberg crossed the line in sixth and seventh.

Sainz lost out during his stop with a wheel gun issue, almost coming out in the path of Esteban Ocon, but managed to stop in time.

Verstappen pitted for mediums on lap 27, briefly losing out to Bottas, but the Dutch driver quickly regained the lead coming through Luffield. Magnussen was awarded a five-second time penalty for his move on Latifi earlier on in the race.

Renault's Daniel Ricciardo was dropped out of the points after a spin coming through Village while battling with Sainz for ninth on lap 30. Ricciardo was able to continue and rejoin the race in twelfth.

Both Verstappen and Bottas pitted on lap 33, as Hamilton took the lead. Mercedes leaned towards the intention of a one-stop with Hamilton, but the world champion was afraid of a repeat of last weekend.

Verstappen got the call to go after Hamilton with eight seconds to make up in the last ten seconds, as Ferrari's Leclerc pushed on to maintain fourth.

Hamilton eventually pitted on lap 41 rejoining in fourth and setting off the podium positions. Hamilton found a way past Leclerc on lap 46, as Magnussen became the first and only retirement of the race.

Hamilton caught the rear of his teammate with three laps to go, getting past Bottas for second on lap 50. Hamilton then set off Verstappen for the victory, but it was not enough as Verstappen gave the team its first win at Silverstone since 2012.

Ocon and Norris took the chequered flag in eighth and ninth, while Daniil Kvyat took the final point in tenth.

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  • Snooky

    Posts: 121

    Feeling for Bottas and Hulk, got done over by their teams on pits. Not surprised RP did that, couldn’t have hulk coming in and out doing Stroll when dad owns the team

    • + 3
    • Aug 9 2020 - 16:56
    • Manto02

      Posts: 93

      Despite the result, this is what I've seen, a driver at his first race after 8 months who did better than the teammate

      • + 1
      • Aug 9 2020 - 18:24
    • Apparently Nico had very bad vibrations, he said so himself. He didn't think the Tyre would make it to the end. Still, it's clear that Nico had a better weekend in a car that was completely new to him. If he gets another chance I expect him to be even further away from Lance

      • + 1
      • Aug 9 2020 - 21:41
  • abhidbgt

    Posts: 283

    In totality a better race than last one with the uncertainty hanging over almost everyone.
    More of softer tyres for all forthcoming races? Verstappen's tyres were still better than Hamilton's who had just pitted 10 or 11 laps before. If this is what happens then let's have it every race. Bottas did get done by bad strategy. Sebastian is not making any more friends with his spins. I mean what on earth is happening! Do all the spinning in free practices mate and get on with the race. Blew a really good result today. Albon needs to sort his qualifying woes and he could be a podium contender.

    • + 1
    • Aug 9 2020 - 17:08
  • JuJuHound

    Posts: 352

    Anyone explain me why did the pitted Hulk for 3rd time? Was it Daddy to allow his son for a better place?

    • + 1
    • Aug 9 2020 - 17:52
    • Kean

      Posts: 692

      For most people I think that move just highlights Stroll's inability, that move kind of shined a light on them. It was obvious they switched positions, everybody saw it. Now most people are thinking the same thing: The kid gets beaten by a guy only 1,5 weekends into knowing the car....

      • + 2
      • Aug 9 2020 - 20:04
    • f1dave

      Posts: 782

      Daddy bought him a seat then daddy bought him a team but daddy can't buy him driving talent.

      • + 0
      • Aug 9 2020 - 20:16
    • Nico complained about majro vibrations in one of the front tyres. I was skeptical too, but Nico sort of requested that stop

      • + 0
      • Aug 9 2020 - 21:42
    • Snooky

      Posts: 121

      F1dave... he wanted to win so asked daddy to get him in Mercedes but daddy couldn’t afford to buy the merc team so instead he bought their old car instead ;)

      • + 0
      • Aug 9 2020 - 22:19
  • Found it very amusing when Merc told Bottas he may race Hammy... on 10 laps older, manhandled tyres beyond his control to nurse without losing Max. But I am so thrilled Honda's bagged another win, and with 3 cars in the points at that. Max clearly proving that he's matured, and that he is by far one of the current best. Albon again far slower than Max, but recovering well, but these kinda drives won't cut it. :/ Also stellar drive again for Leclerc, must've felt like a win. As for Hulk: I get his tyres weren't great, but softs? and at that stage? Sold him short, for sure. And Gasly wasn't served well either by ATauri. Please more soft tyre races, F1!

    • + 1
    • Aug 9 2020 - 20:37
    • Great race. I am so impressed with Max. I saw the potential for this perfect balance between speed and management, aggression and restraint. Today I saw it materialized.

      Albon... Extremely dissapointing. It looked good on camera for him to be overtaking a bunch of cars, but let's remember that that's the same car the was fighting the Mercedes at the front. I consider this dreadful. Not even a great recovery race.

      I was miffed by Hulkenberg's second stint. I expected him to finish ahead of Leclerc. Still, fantastic drive. He NEEDS to be on the grid. It's a travesty to have Grosjean, Magnussen, Kimi, Giovinazzi, and Kvyat on the grid while Nico sits out

      • + 0
      • Aug 9 2020 - 21:47
    • yeah, he ain't shining as we were hoping for, is he? Albon need to git gud soon. And we need F1 to ditch Gro or KMag for Hulk.

      • + 0
      • Aug 9 2020 - 22:00
  • Just seen the highlights and really pleased for red bull, Albon had a better race and pleased for him too. Whatever RB doing it worked today in the heat - made for a different storyline blessfully. Roll on Spain.

    • + 0
    • Aug 9 2020 - 22:35

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