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Palmer "so happy" after securing points in Singapore

  • Published on 18 Sep 2017 09:04
  • comments 7
  • By: Fergal Walsh

Jolyon Palmer claimed his second ever top ten finish on Sunday at Singapore, crossing the line in sixth place. The result matches Renault's best result since returning as a manufacturer in 2016. The Brit started the Grand Prix from eleventh and benefited from the misfortunes of others at the start of the race.

The strong result comes at a weekend that Palmer heard the news that he would not be a Renault driver in 2018. With a full-time Formula 1 seat in doubt for next year, the 26-year-old hopes that his form around the Marina Bay Circuit will continue into the next round.

"I’m so happy, it’s been a long time coming but today everything fell into place," he said. "It was a tricky race with the drama at the start and the heavy rain but the circumstances put us in a good place to score some points. We had a good strategy, good pit stops and the car was good in the wet conditions. The next race should be even better.

"I would have been happy in any race to finish sixth. I finally get some points for the season and I have seven more races to do a good job and go out with my head held high with Renault. I’ve done one - I have six more to do.

"You want to show every weekend the best you can do," he continued. "I think the result this weekend is finally a bit of good luck, because obviously there were cars ahead who dropped out. But we negotiated all the conditions well."

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  • Harryw

    Posts: 107

    Delighted for him. Treated with no professionalism at Renault.

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    • Sep 18 2017 - 09:07
  • Jutlandia

    Posts: 191

    At last Lady Luck smiled at Palmer.
    And he surely need it if he is to find another seat next season.

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    • Sep 18 2017 - 09:11
  • FatMike

    Posts: 153

    defo no Palmer fan but hes a respectable (and too kind) person. Well deserved points and luck !

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    • Sep 18 2017 - 10:05
  • Good for him. He won't find any seat for next season but for sure he feels relief he finally got some points.

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    • Sep 18 2017 - 10:31
  • Barron

    Posts: 625

    Completely agree with all sentiments expressed here. He's been stoic and polite throughout and he can finally gold his head up. It won't change his future much but it is Renault's highest score since coming back! That'll make his dad smile. "Nice guys finish last" the old saying goes and has proven to be true in Palmers case, but not any more. Let's hope he can nail some more point finishes before the season end..

    • + 1
    • Sep 18 2017 - 11:03
  • If he keeps that up may yet get that Williams seat. He has been mediocre all year but the way Renault have treated him to get another hype boy like Sainz is pretty pathetically typical of them.

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    • Sep 18 2017 - 11:47
  • mbmwe36

    Posts: 533

    Really happy for him! Of course it happened because it was retirement-city in front of him. But then again, he's had his share of bad luck this season, so good for him!
    I still don't see a seat for him in F1 next year, except perhaps in a reserve capacity.

    • + 0
    • Sep 18 2017 - 12:26

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