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Hasegawa: "It's clear Alonso doesn't want Honda commitment"

  • Published on 01 Sep 2017 16:05
  • comments 4
  • By: Fergal Walsh

Honda chief Yusuke Hasegawa says that Fernando Alonso has made it very clear that he does not want to be part of the Honda story in the future. Honda rejoined Formula 1 in 2015 supplying McLaren with engines, however the partnership is yet to get close to success.

Alonso's contract with the Woking squad expires at the end of the current season and it is not yet known where the Spaniard will be next year. There may be a seat open at IndyCar, but reports are that he would remain with McLaren if it was to ditch Honda.

"It is very clear that currently he doesn't want to stay with Honda – this is very clear," Hasegawa told "Also, he agreed that once he has some, how do I say, hope to Honda, or some expectation, or some possibility that Honda can improve, as soon as we can show him, maybe he will change his mind."

Speaking about the need for upgrades, Hasegawa added: "Yeah. We can't stop bringing updates, so we need to show him some improvement. It is very clear: if we don't introduce anything, and stay with the current performance, McLaren or Fernando doesn't stay with us – it is very clear."

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  • ENDR

    Posts: 43

    "he does not want to be part of the Honda story in the future"
    After all the shit they've been pulling for the last 3 years - WHO WOULD?
    A rookie waiting for a chance to get into F1 - probably.
    A double world champion, regarded as one of the best current drivers - "fuck this shit, I'm out" (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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    • Sep 1 2017 - 16:48
  • I look forward to see what the new specs can bring to the table. They wont reach Ferrari this year, I just dont see that happening, but beating Renault should be possible if they play it right.

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    • Sep 1 2017 - 19:54
  • it's really a shame because multiple manufacturers makes Formula 1 better. However, Honda has been putting an embarrassing performance since they came in. They have had enough time to do a decent job. Instead they have gotten worse. Not even reliability. Come on! I will feel bad but it will be deserved when they get dropped.

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    • Sep 1 2017 - 23:44
    • kngrthr

      Posts: 203

      i agree.
      would be nice to see BMW back and others join too.

      but i'm not surprised at hondas failing. if we look back at the history of formula 1, japanese manufacturers aren't very prominant. there was the mclaren honda partnership and not much else.

      yamaha failed, toyota did a little better but the europeans and cosworth dominate.

      It's unusual because the japanese make awesome motorcycle engines

      • + 0
      • Sep 2 2017 - 00:49

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