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Binotto calls Monza 'the worst conclusion of a difficult weekend' for Ferrari

  • Published on 08 Sep 2020 16:05
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  • By: Coilin Higgins

Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto has said the team's poor performance during the Italian Grand Prix was the 'worst conclusion' to a dismal weekend for the team.

Sebastian Vettel only lasted six laps before a brake failure sent the German straight on at turn one, with Vettel having to crawl around the circuit to eventually retire the car in the pits.

Charles Leclerc then found himself as high as fourth as the race restarted after the first race car, but the Monegasque would only last one lap after he went off at the Parabolica, ending in a brutal crash for the Ferrari into the tyre barrier.

Leclerc escaped the accident unhurt and was able to walk away from the destroyed Ferrari, but the race was stopped to allow marshals to fix the damaged barrier.

Speaking on a weekend that saw both cars retire at the team's home circuit, Binotto admitted the team was ready for poor results in Monza and during last weekend's race at Spa, but the end result of the Italian Grand Prix was the 'worst conclusion' for the team.

Despite the poor weekend, Binotto affirmed the team will continue to work hard to develop the car and produce better results in the coming races.

"Certainly it's the worst conclusion of a difficult weekend," Binotto said.

"Not finishing the race is even worse than bad performing, especially with Seb which was a reliability issue on the car, so I think it's time really to look forward.

"I think all these problems for us are lesson learned and make sure that in the future we are progressing and doing better.

"Certainly we know that Spa and Monza would have been difficult for us and the worst ones, hopefully, the next ones can be a bit better but at the end, I certainly think the performance of the current car is not what we would like.

"But again, I think it is more important for us to make sure that we are looking ahead and progressing always on the car developments."

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  • Horror show. How many more races has Binotto got? I really dislike Ferrari, truly I do - not because of the people there today but the Schumacher era and also their unfair commercial advantage. Despite that, I do want them to turn this around quickly - for Christ’s sake, they get 100m just for entering the competition, there has to be accountability for the mess they are in - I’m not seeing it yet.

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    • Sep 8 2020 - 23:09

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