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Lewis Hamilton not targeting Alonso's 'triple crown'

  • Published on 13 Dec 2017 08:24
  • comments 4
  • By: Rob Veenstra

Lewis Hamilton says he does not want to emulate Fernando Alonso in targeting motor racing's unique 'triple crown'. As Alonso tackled the Indy 500 last year, the Spaniard revealed that as a former Monaco GP winner, he would like to win Le Mans as well and one day join Graham Hill in completing the super-rare feat.

Quadruple world champion Hamilton, however, says he only has eyes for F1. "It's very difficult to do something unique and different today," he told Brazil's UOL. "In the past there were drivers who raced in several different categories, but I don't have the desire to do that. I admire what Alonso wants to do, but for me formula one is the maximum experience a driver can have," the Mercedes driver added.

In fact, Hamilton has said that although a new deal with Mercedes could mean he may target Michael Schumacher's tally of seven titles, he doesn't set that goal. "I have other qualities and projects that I am interested in and good at," said the Briton. "In the coming years you will see what they are but it's more than racing. One day I'll hang up my gloves and that's what I'll do. I hope people accept that appreciate it in the same way that they do with my driving," Hamilton said. (GMM)

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  • xoya

    Posts: 583

    Seems like Hamilton isn't into racing all that much.
    Not targeting Schumacher's 7 titles, not REALLY targeting Fangio's 5 titles, not targeting a triple crown (he has no need for it though, to be honest), not showing up on F1 events...
    He is an admirable driver but not really an racer.
    More of an Prost than a Senna.

    If he loses his no.1 status in Mercedes, he will leave F1, in my opinion.

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    • Dec 13 2017 - 10:34
    • f1dave

      Posts: 782

      At least he stayed after his first title. Not like another I could mention. Nico.

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      • Dec 13 2017 - 15:41
  • I am pretty certain we will never hear much more of Lewis Hamilton after he hangs his gloves. He thinks he will be some music pop star, or producer.

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    • Dec 13 2017 - 18:58
  • blade

    Posts: 341

    I feel the same way - I wish he would shut up about all that other stuff (whatever that is) and just focus on the sport - its bigger than him and he tends to belittle it a little with all that tosh.

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    • Dec 14 2017 - 09:01

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