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Bernie Ecclestone: "Nico a world champion and nothing else"

  • Published on 08 Dec 2016 19:20
  • comments 3
  • By: Dominik Wilde

"Well, let’s just say he is a world champion," he said during the interview.

Bernie Ecclestone has said that Nico Rosberg won't be remembered as a legend.

Speaking to the Hindustan Times, the 86-year-old compared the retiring champion to contemporaries Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, and Fernando Alonso - all of which he says achieved more during their time in F1

"The other names that you mentioned (Hamilton, Vettel, Alonso) have obviously won more than a few times and have achieved more," he said. "So I would just call Nico a world champion and nothing else."

However,he did admit that Rosberg will be missed in future Formula One seasons.

"Okay, not as popular as Lewis but Nico was a very popular driver. So his absence is certainly not good for Formula One," he said.

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  • ringo

    Posts: 3,336

    i can miss him :)

    i think Lance Troll and Blehrlein could make some big accidents next year :)

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    • Dec 8 2016 - 19:31
  • Wolfgang

    Posts: 313

    Please retire as well Mr. Ecclestone.
    Looks like he´s forgotten that Nico has beaten his great badmouthing legend lewis.

    by the way this badmouthing seems to be typical british thing.. :-)

    • + 0
    • Dec 9 2016 - 10:31
  • StigsSon

    Posts: 35

    That's a little bit stereotypical, Wolfgang.
    As a Brit', I could say a lot about Germans too! ;-)

    • + 0
    • Dec 9 2016 - 14:57

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