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Fernando Alonso names Daniel Ricciardo as best current driver

  • Published on 04 Nov 2016 16:00
  • comments 4
  • By: Fergal Walsh

Fernando Alonso has rated Daniel Ricciardo as Formula One's best current driver.

The Australian sits fourth in the constructor standings and Alonso believes that through his approach and commitment, it makes him the best out there.

“I would say Ricciardo right now because in the way he approaches racing he’s always very committed to everything he does,” said Alonso.

“On the track you cannot see any mistakes when you are together with him. In the overtaking manoeuvres probably he is the best out there. When he commits to one movement, 99 per cent [of the time] he will achieve the result that he wanted.”

Alonso related back to the 2014 season where Ricciardo picked up three wins and out-performed his team-mate Sebastian Vettel who had just come off the back of four consecutive world titles.

“Obviously in 2014 together with Vettel, it was an amazing performance that he showed and he was way ahead of Vettel in every single point – in the driving, in the approach, in the starts, in the pitstops, in the overtaking."

"He was beating Vettel so easily, so I have to say that he would be right now my choice.”

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  • Kevin

    Posts: 4,811

    I agree. But I would rate Hamilton and Alonso on the same level. Definitely the 3 best drivers in current F1.

    • + 0
    • Nov 4 2016 - 18:37
  • denis1304

    Posts: 284

    "The Australian sits fourth in the constructor standings" swing and miss

    • + 0
    • Nov 4 2016 - 20:21
    • Hemex

      Posts: 991

      Close, but no sigar

      • + 1
      • Nov 6 2016 - 16:22
  • AuzzieDobbo

    Posts: 1

    Put the top 6 in the same car and we shall see. A couple of years ago the BBC Top Gear programme had Ricciardo and in their segment man in an average priced car he thrashed Hamilton's time on all 5 attempts. Hamilton and Rosberg are only winning against Ricciardio (and Vestappen) because their cares are significantly faster at the moment. Shall be interesting next

    • + 0
    • Nov 5 2016 - 17:19

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