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Hamilton: Delayed season leaving 'a big void'

  • Published on 28 Apr 2020 15:25
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  • By: Coilin Higgins

With the majority of the grid suffering from the delayed season and ongoing lockdown, world champion Lewis Hamilton has spoken about his own experience missing racing, saying it's leaving 'a big void' in his life.

On Monday, F1 announced plans to get the season underway, with a behind closed doors race weekend in Austria in July, before hopefully moving across Europe throughout July and August.

On a social media post on Hamilton's Instagram on Monday, he remarked how this year was the first year that he had not started a racing season since he was eight and that he was eager to return to the track.

"I miss racing every day," Hamilton posted. "This is the first time since I was 8 that I haven't started a season. When you live and breath something you love, when it's gone there's definitely a big void.

"But there's always positives to take from these times."

Hamilton hopes for a better world after COVID-19

Hamilton posted also on his thoughts of the world at the moment, saying about how we now have time to reflect on how to become better people when the coronavirus outbreak goes away.

He urged followers to take a look at some of the changes since the outbreak began and to try and become better people in everyday life once everything comes back to normal.

"Right now, we all have time in the world to reflect on life, our decisions, our goals, the people we have around us, our careers," Hamilton commented.

"Today, we see clearer skies all over the world, less animals being slaughtered for our pleasure simply because our demands are much lower and everyone is staying in.

"Let's not come back the same as we went into this tough time, let's come out of it with better knowledge of our world, changing our personal choices and habit.

"Let's come out of this as a new us, a new reinvigorated you, fitter, healthier and more focused, but above all kinder, more generous and gracious and caring for our world and the people in it. I hope we all do".

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BE Grand Prix of Belgium

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