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Vettel: "Mercedes used Bottas as road block"

  • Published on 04 Oct 2017 13:48
  • comments 8
  • By: Rob Veenstra

Sebastian Vettel has accused Valtteri Bottas of deliberately holding him up during last weekend's Malaysian grand prix. Bottas and Mercedes have each denied that the Finnish driver is now clearly the 'number 2' to championship contender Lewis Hamilton.

But Ferrari star Vettel alleges that last Sunday at Sepang, as he made his way through the field from last, he was held up by a deliberately baulking Bottas. "It was clear what Mercedes were doing," the German is quoted by Krone newspaper. "They used Bottas as a road block," Vettel added.

However, it may well be that 28-year-old Bottas was simply struggling for pace. After Sepang, and following a run of poor performance, the Finn admitted he is currently suffering "the most difficult time of my career so far". "If I keep doing races like this for long, that is not going to be a good thing for anyone," he said. (GMM)

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  • mbmwe36

    Posts: 533

    If they did, I have no problem with it. As long as the "road block" doesn't do anything hazardous in its efforts to keep the other car behind, it's a tactical tool that can be used just like everything else.

    • + 2
    • Oct 4 2017 - 13:59
  • Djkanev

    Posts: 6

    Yeah, it's part of the modern F1 racing.

    • + 1
    • Oct 4 2017 - 14:25
  • Freguz

    Posts: 160

    Crying as always

    • + 3
    • Oct 4 2017 - 14:37
  • RonLin210

    Posts: 5

    Bottas defended his position the same way as Alonso did and Ricciardo. Vettel is more and more complaining instead of racing.

    • + 2
    • Oct 4 2017 - 15:13
    • oliebol

      Posts: 27

      On the Dutch F1 Today an interview of the German "Auto Motor und Sport" with Vettel is mentioned. Vettel would have complained about Ricciardo closing the door the wrong way. Guess Red Bull used Ricciardo also as a road block?
      Should Bottas and Vettel just get out of the way of our Royal Highness Prince Vettel and wave to him while he passes them? When that's needed to stop the whining then ... NO! Please have Vettel whine some more. It's too much fun although a bit childish.

      • + 1
      • Oct 4 2017 - 21:47
  • Hombibi

    Posts: 137

    I really hope he has not really stated this in public, it won't do any good anywhere, nor to his reputation. It is a zero sum game with nothing to win for him.

    • + 0
    • Oct 4 2017 - 15:16
  • Always complaining... Ironic to bring that up as a Ferrari driver. I remember in 1999 how Schumacher let Irvine pass to take 1st place and deliberately slowed down Coulthard. It was shameless because Schumacher clearly had the fastest car.

    • + 0
    • Oct 4 2017 - 18:18
  • Pretty much what Ferrari would use Kimi for if the situation were reversed...

    • + 0
    • Oct 6 2017 - 09:27

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