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Jolyon Palmer frustrated by lack of team orders

  • Published on 25 Oct 2016 15:35
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  • By: Dominik Wilde

Jolyon Palmer has spoke of his frustration at not being allowed to pass team mate Kebin Magnussen during the United States Grand Prix.

Palmer qualified ahead of the Dane but ended up finishing one spot behind him in 13th, despite pleading with the team to let him by.

"I was on his gearbox for two-thirds of the race," he told Sky Sports. "We really were struggling to follow other cars. I couldn't get close enough to pass, I was always looking but not quite there. A couple of times I could have had a lunge but I think it's quite silly to do that.

"I was pushing to get ahead and in the end I overheated my tyres trying to pass him and fell back a little bit, so he did an extra stop and came through at the end. It was a bit frustrating," Palmer added.

When asked about asking to pass Magnussen over the radio, he said: "Yeah, basically. For us to get a result we need a really good position, we need a good strategy. Of course I don't want [team orders] to be the case, I want to be able to pass.

"But I spent 30 laps tucked up right behind him. I knew I was a lot quicker. I could see the guys in front and could see we could make some inroads, but I couldn't follow him close enough. I felt if I'd got in front I could have really moved on and caught some of the guys ahead, but I was stuck behind."

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  • Jutlandia

    Posts: 191

    Get over it Boy!
    If you can, pass him.
    If not, stay behind.
    End of story!

    • + 3
    • Oct 25 2016 - 17:56

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BE Grand Prix of Belgium

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