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Many at Ferrari "still lament" Fernando Alonso's departure

  • Published on 25 Oct 2016 13:49
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  • By: Dominik Wilde

A leading Italian journalist has added to the pressure facing Ferrari by suggesting they may be missing Fernando Alonso.

Alonso left Ferrari at the end of 2014 after five seasons and now drivers for McLaren who have steadily improved over the last two seasons, but remain uncompetitive.

Pino Allievi, arguably the most respected Italian journalist in the paddock, said: "We again saw the best from Fernando, who is limited by his McLaren."

"There are many at Maranello who still lament his departure," La Gazzetta dello Sport quoted him as saying.

Gazzetta, meanwhile, remained critical of Sebastian Vettel.

"The performance was not bad, but he is still very far from the top, with a car that is no longer guaranteed."

Meanwhile, Kimi Raikkonen is getting the praise.

"Raikkonen had Vettel behind him all the time until he was forced to retire. They had different strategies, but it was yet another convincing race" for the Finn, the authoritative sports daily added.

Corriere dello Sport, was strong in their criticism of the Maranello team, calling Austin a "Red disaster", saying "The light at the end of the tunnel seems far away".

Team boss Maurizio Arrivabene, however, is staying positive, saying that the team is keeping "tough, we are strong".

"What is happening, especially with things outside of our control, puts a strain on the b---s of anyone," said the Italian.

"I should say shoulders: you cannot say bad words," Corriere della Sera quoted Arrivabene as clarifying.

However, amid the 'disaster', Vettel keeps smiling.

"Yes, why not," the German told Sport Bild. "A bad mood doesn't make you better.

"I cannot be happy with the speed of the (Austin) weekend, but the positive is that we are learning so much that could be useful for next season.

"You must not forget that, first of all, we have a long term project. And we are not fighting against Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse, but very prepared opponents.

"Even if it's a steep and bumpy road, I'm sure the day will come when we will be on top."

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  • ianf1

    Posts: 184

    Is it me, or is SV sounding more like FA at McLaren in talking about a long term project when results are being elusive?

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    • Oct 25 2016 - 14:40

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