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Pirelli say two-stop races more likely in 2018

  • Published on 02 Dec 2017 10:47
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  • By: Fergal Walsh

Pirelli says that two-stop races will be more likely in 2018. The Italian marque has redesigned the tyres for next season, with the aim of adding more elements of strategy. For the 2017 season, the tyres were 25% wider than the previous year.

However, fans became disgruntled at the lack of strategic influence, with many races featuring a predictable one-stop for most teams. At the season finale in Abu Dhabi, Pirelli revealed its tyres for 2018, including two brand new compounds.

Speaking to Autosport, Pirelli chief Mario Isola outlined his aims for next year: "Considering all the range is one step softer, plus we have the hypersoft, we now have the option to go soft enough to target two stops," he said. "I believe that three stops is a bit too much because we know it can be a bit confusing to have too many stops. We will try to make the selection of having two stops or one of the fastest strategies a two-stop.

"There is another advantage with more compounds and a softer step, you give the teams the possibility to design the car that is more gentle on the tyres, so you can push the tyre towards the softer side. This is an additional variable that is up to the teams, and we give to everybody the same opportunity."

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  • I really dont agree with Pirelli's view on what'll spice races up. I dont want every single race to have two stops for every single team. I want Perez to be able to run on a single pair of tyres from start to finish if he want to, or for... well whoever burns tyres the most.. to be able to come in two or three times if he want and still make it a viable strategy. I dont need them to ship every single one of their overcrowded tyre models to every race, but some more variation in what strategies the teams can use would be nice.

    • + 1
    • Dec 2 2017 - 12:25
  • RogerF1

    Posts: 501

    “.... you give the teams the possibility to design the car that is more gentle on the tyres,...” but then you, Pirelli, decide which tyres to take to a race! Isn’t that kind of contradictory.

    • + 2
    • Dec 2 2017 - 15:04
  • f1dave

    Posts: 782

    I hope no F1 fan would ever buy a Pirelli tire after the way they behave.

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    • Dec 2 2017 - 16:31
  • mbmwe36

    Posts: 533

    Imagine how cool it cool be if a team could just sign with whatever tyre supplier they wanted, as long as the tyres adhered to a specific size set by F1.
    This artificial competing with yourself deal that the rules state for the tyre supplier now, will never fully work. Even if a competent company gave it a shot.

    • + 1
    • Dec 2 2017 - 17:28
    • I'd love for another tyre war. It'd be really neat to see small and big tyre suppliers fighting alongside one another!

      • + 1
      • Dec 2 2017 - 18:08
    • kngrthr

      Posts: 203

      why not take it one stage further and have three or four manufacturers and you choose on friday who you want to run with for the weekend.
      that would spark tyre manufacturer competition and some interesting strategy gambles.

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      • Dec 3 2017 - 09:17

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