Perez sees 'no reason' to worry about Vettel rumours at Racing Point

  • Published on 28 Aug 2020 13:45
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  • By: Coilin Higgins

Racing Point's Sergio Perez has explained how he sees no reason to be worried about the possibility of being replaced by Sebastian Vettel in the team for 2021.

Recent reports suggest Vettel could be on the move when the German finishes up with Ferrari at the end of the year, joining Racing Point as the team becomes Aston Martin Racing next year.

Perez, who has been reported as the driver that will make way if Vettel is set to join the team, said he has no reason to worry by such a move thanks to how well himself and the team are performing so far this season.

Perez affirmed how the team is working well and are very competitive during race weekends, prompting no reason to think about making such a change in the team.

"I think it is, as I've said before, a matter of time," Perez said during Thursday's press conference.

"I feel really happy with the team. I believe in the project, I've been here for a while, and I can see how the team is going upwards. We all feel internally that everything is working well.

"We don't see the reason why we should change anything. I don't see any reason to change. I think we are enjoying a great season on-track, and things are working really well in the team.

"I don't expect any change. The feedback that I get from within the team is that we all want to continue and that's where my confidence comes from, and where we stay calm.

"It's a situation that is out of my hands, so I don't even bother at all. I focus on racing, enjoy it, and whatever happens, it's out of my hands, so I don't even give attention to it."

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  • I dunno, I'd likely be pretty skittish. Vet is a 4 times champ with nothing to lose.

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    • Aug 28 2020 - 20:46
  • thats code for 'he's thinking about it all the time' - bound to be. If Vettel goes there Im sure Perez will get a good drive elsewhere.

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    • Aug 28 2020 - 21:54
  • siggy74

    Posts: 194

    Nothing to worry about until next Tuesday, when Vet has the new mono seat fitting ;p ROFL

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    • Aug 29 2020 - 08:39

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