The livery of AlphaTauri AT02 for season 2021

  • Published on 19 Feb 2021 17:44
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  • By: Sophia Syriatou

AlphaTauri became the second team of Formula1 which revealed the livery of this year’s car.

AT02 is the second car of AplhaTauri and it is obvious that there are many changes in its exterior as the main colors are the navy blue and white in comparison with the last year’s car, where the main colors were the white and black.

Pierre Gasly will continue to be the driver of the Italian team as he won the Italian Grand Prix last year with the AT01.

Yuki Tsunoda will be his new teammate and he will compete for the first time in his career in Formula1. His number in Formula1 will be the #22.

AlphaTauri will continue to use Honda’s engine this year until the end of 2021 and it developed a lot the aerodynamic area in its car.

“I’m ready to take on the role of team leader”, said Gasly.

“Yuki is a very quick driver, and he will help us move the team forward – we will work together to achieve that.

“I really believe last year was the team’s best in terms of the way it worked, the development, the performance and the way it managed the race weekends.

“I’m always hungry for more, and I’m sure we can achieve great things in 2021.”

“I’ve been lucky enough to spend some time with Scuderia AlphaTauri ahead of the season, so I’m already developing strong relationships and learning a lot from them – including Pierre, who is an incredible talent”, added Tsunoda.

“My main goal is to learn quickly and deliver results as soon as possible, and I’m really excited to get started.”


Watch below more photos from AT02 contender:


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