Leclerc 'ready to wait' for Ferrari improvements

  • Published on 04 Sep 2020 10:20
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  • By: Coilin Higgins

Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc has said he is ready to wait for his team to recover from its recent performance slump, with the team struggling in the season so far.

Last year, Leclerc took pole position and his first victory at the Belgian Grand Prix but could only manage a fourteenth place position at last weekend's race at Spa-Francorchamps.

During the press conference on Thursday, Leclerc explained how he is ready to wait for his team, but will also do what he can to help the team move back up to the grid as quickly as possible.

"Well, on one hand, I don't really have a choice," Leclerc said.

"But yeah, surely it will take some patience and yes, I'm ready to wait. But it's also my job to try and make this whole process as short as possible and for us to come back where we deserve to be.

"So, it's not going to be easy. It will take time, but I'm ready for this. And my job is to give my best anyway in every situation we are in."

Leclerc also spoke briefly about the change of regulations coming to F1 in 2022 and how his team is also working hard to be ready for the change.

Leclerc, who also won last year's edition of the Italian Grand Prix, noted how sorting the current problems of the team will hopefully allow much better progress into the new regulations era in 2022.

"Surely there's a bit of both in my head, but I think the most important for now is try to work out why we are struggling so much this year. This will help the future anyway," Leclerc added.

"So, I'm trying to work as hard as possible, like everyone does in the team to try and find the issues and have a solid basis for the for the years to come."

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  • how long can he stand it though? he is far too good for that team, as is Seb.

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    • Sep 4 2020 - 19:32
  • Hey, kid.
    You got to wait a looong-long time.

    • + 0
    • Sep 5 2020 - 10:00

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