Hamilton hails Gasly, enjoyed fighting back through the field after penalty

  • Published on 07 Sep 2020 13:21
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  • By: Coilin Higgins

Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton has hailed Italian Grand Prix race winner Pierre Gasly, saying it was 'fantastic' to see the Frenchman take the victory on Sunday.

Hamilton initially led the Grand Prix and looked set to take the ninetieth win of his F1 career until he was awarded a ten-second stop-go penalty for entering the pit lane when it was closed to recover the Haas of Kevin Magnussen, who had broken down at the entry of the pit lane.

Hamilton was forced to take the penalty after the race restarted from the red flag, which was deployed for marshals to fix the barrier after an accident for Ferrari's Charles Leclerc.

The Mercedes driver was then able to recover from being twenty-six seconds behind the pack to take seventh at the chequered flag, a result which he claimed he enjoyed battling back through the field in the closing laps to move back into the points.

"Well, firstly I need to say a huge congratulations to Pierre, because that was a fantastic result for him," Hamilton commented.

"I've obviously seen what he's been through, having been dropped from a top team and now he has beat the top team. I think it's just fantastic for him to see him grow. I'm generally really happy for him.

"My race, it wasn't meant to be today. It was a bit unfortunate but what doesn't kill you will only make you stronger. It was a long pitstop, twenty-six seconds I had to catch up but nonetheless when I caught everybody, I enjoyed that bit of a battle.


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  • f1ski

    Posts: 726

    Seems like a RBR MB feud in the media as well as track. The ease that Lewis passed on the straights Id like to hear MB say that Lewis and Valteri had the same engine mode.

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    • Sep 7 2020 - 15:18
    • but it's all okay, because Bottas is, by the grace of lorde Wolff, allowed to race Hammy! Aren't we grateful for that?

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      • Sep 7 2020 - 19:00
  • I was impressed by Lewis this race. His car was not good on the straights - you could really see how much they lacked straight line speed - but Lewis was able to use the cars corner speed to position the car to get the maximum tow - something Bottas was simply unable to do.

    I do love reading all of the conspiracy theories that everyone posts here - MB using different engine modes, MB giving Renault secret information to max their engine, etc, etc. Reminds me of the flat earth, 5G causing COVID types of people.

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    • Sep 8 2020 - 01:50
    • the one about merc sharing tech with Renault aint even farfetched though. Renault tech people have been conversing with Merc people multiple times this year, have held technical meetings and whatnot, and Merc have repeatedly been willing to share data with Renault and Honda before. They Did share data with them before, even.

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      • Sep 8 2020 - 09:27
    • f1ski

      Posts: 726

      some things never change racing is included. Racing involves finding holes in the rules. Even cheating to win. Sponsors don't give money for the passion of racing. Owners don't race for the passion of racing. Only privateers and amateurs race for passion. Professionals race for money. When teams are spending 100 million to run the team and you limit spending but levy no fines for exceeding those limits. Yet the FIA has frozen development to ensure that teams behind will never develop and catch the leaders. Seems that from an economic position it makes little sense for sponsors to invest in a team that will never get that media coverage for being on the podium. When I read things like that I have to ask myself why? The only answer that makes sense is there is some agreement that benefits the FIA and MB.

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      • Sep 8 2020 - 15:28

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