Ocon excited for Italian Grand Prix after promising Belgian GP result

  • Published on 01 Sep 2020 16:01
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  • By: Coilin Higgins

Renault's Esteban Ocon was delighted with claiming fifth place during Sunday's Belgian Grand Prix, one place behind teammate Daniel Ricciardo in the finishing order.

The result, including Ricciardo's extra point for fastest lap, set a record for Renault at the weekend, with the 23 points scored the most the team has scored in a single weekend in F1.

Ocon started the race in sixth but moved up past Red Bull's Alexander Albon on the opening lap while Ricciardo challenged for Max Verstappen's third place ahead.

Despite losing fifth to Albon in the pit stops, Ocon reclaimed the position in the closing laps to give the team its best result of the year with fourth and fifth.

Other drivers were impressed with the speed shown by the team at the weekend, with Albon claiming Red Bull could only equal Renault in straight-line speed when his car had the DRS open.

Moving on to the upcoming Italian Grand Prix, Ocon admitted his excitement at racing at the high-downforce circuit, where Ricciardo and former teammate Nico Hulkenberg also claimed a fourth and fifth-place finish last year.

"That fifth place was ours today, so I’m very happy to secure it on the last lap," Ocon said. 

"It’s fantastic for the team to have fourth and fifth today.

"it's been a strong weekend, the car's been quick, we turned a very difficult weekend like Barcelona into a very very positive one here.

"So massive improvement, we're very happy and very pleased with that.

"It smells good as well because next week we have a track with the same characteristics, even more extreme, so should be at our ease as well. So we're going to try and do the same or even better.

"We are excited to go to Monza for sure!"

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  • f1ski

    Posts: 726

    This from another publication. I knew the Renault jump in performance and Renaults withdrawal were related. "But that's not all, because it is indirectly in the interest of Mercedes not to let this continue for too long. At the same time, Renault also wants to gain something from it, of course, and as compensation, Renault would have been offered secret Mercedes information. This would then focus on how to optimize the engine." How is this not different than copying a part. Racing Point needs to file a protest.

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    • Sep 1 2020 - 21:56
    • What was the other publication? Sounds like absolute crap to me. I would avoid a publication that produces that kind of rubbish.

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      • Sep 2 2020 - 06:30
    • actually there could be some truth in it. Renault engine head was seen talking with Wolff at Spa, and Renault have been discussibg stuff with Merc multiple times this year. I doubt it's related to their performance bump, but it could imply shared tech.

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      • Sep 2 2020 - 09:24
    • Observer

      Posts: 6

      Reno had completly different engine config, and different turbo possition compared to Merc.
      They can’tuse Merc advice regarding optimization, Honda has similar engine concept to Mercedes.

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      • Sep 2 2020 - 14:24
    • Wrong. Even if they have different layouts, Merc are so ahead overall that any advice can be of use to the others. Just imagine getting a hold of mappings on Merc' party mode.

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      • Sep 2 2020 - 15:00
    • But, it was widely reported across that, Renault was a beneficiary of some sort for dropping their protest with FIA, and specifically, that benefit was in the engine department.

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      • Sep 3 2020 - 06:31
  • I am excited to see what Renault can do at Monza too. It is clear their engine is not as bad as some think - my only thoughts are that the packaging of that engine is not ideal and this affects their ability produce a car with good downforce and low drag.

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    • Sep 2 2020 - 06:32
  • Renault seem to do very well on high speed tracks.

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    • Sep 2 2020 - 09:24

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